18/10/16: “Like a movie” – Il nuovo singolo di AQUADROP (feat. DeMaestro)

AQUADROP“Like a movie” (feat. DeMaestro)



Ieri è uscito “Like a movie“, il nuovo singolo di Aquadrop, realizzato in collaborazione con Michele Ranauro in arte DeMaestro. Un genere definito da Aquadrop “Future R’n’B”: una canzone fuori dagli schemi che unisce al suo interno elementi Future Bass, R’n’B e il sapore delle produzioni hip hop west coast che ha influenzato il suo percorso artistico.

Dopo aver collaborato con le più importanti Label americane di elettronica bass, tra cui la Mad Decent di Diplo (Major Lazer, per i quali ha realizzato anche un remix ufficiale), la Buygore di Borgore e la Dim Mak di Steve Aoki, il produttore milanese Aquadrop  pubblica il nuovo singolo su Armada, Label Olandese fondata da Armin Van Buuren e punto di riferimento per la scena dance internazionale.

Il singolo è inoltre contenuto  all’interno della compilation “Beards In The Club“, pubblicata da The Bearded Man in occasione dell‘Amsterdam Dance Event che ha luogo questa settimana ad Amsterdam.







06/07/16: Wiki Mix #19 // ARTINO [From The Netherlands]



Martijn van Baren, Also known asArtinois a 18 year old DJ and Producer from the Netherlands. He started DJ’ing at the age of 12 and producing at 13 years old. He started with making and playing progressive / electro house, but after a few years he started experimenting with other genres. That is why you never know what to expect from him, His DJ sets can literally go from techhouse, all the way to hardstyle, trap and drum ‘n bass. As he is still experimenting he is shaping His Own sound.

The most famous bootleg “Artino” posted on His soundcloud is without a doubt his “Freedom” bootleg. (Https://soundcloud.com/artino-bootlegs/pharrel-freedom-artino-bootleg).

Artino: “I basically just heard the song and I loved the happy vibe right away, after a little while I started getting the idea of doing a bootleg on it, I did not know what genre yet. As soon as I imported the original song into fl studio I saw it was about 95 bpm, so the idea of trap / moombahton popped in my head. At first I could not make a dicision between the two genres, so I put Both of them in the bootleg. Adventionally I removed the moombahton part, Because I Realised it Sounded a lot better without it. To be honest I did not spend much time on it That, Because When I started this project, it all just came to me. I was very inspired right away and when to I am inspired I can make songs in a few hours.

Wiki Mix #19 ARTINO (1).jpg

The future is looking good for Artino, as he is getting blackberries and more gigs, That are bigger and better. For example: in August he is playing in “Tivolivredenburg”, Utrecht, Which is one of the biggest concert halls in the Netherlands. Also he has made Bootleg for Dutch rap group “Affoe” Which they played as Their closing song on festivals they have performed at. “Affoe” wants to work together with Artino blackberries, as they really liked the bootleg. Unfortunately That bootleg is not online. Artino really wants to get in to a college called “The Herman Brood academy”, Martin Garrix and many other great music producers have went to That school. As many others, Artino has done an audition at this school, yet he is still waiting for the outcome. If he does get approved for this school, he is doing a gap-year in cui he will work a lot on His Music.